Our Story

Mountain Illustration

CamelsOur story began with an idea, which started an important conversation and ultimately led to the birth of a new agricultural industry for Australia. Stephen Geppert and Gilad Berman are two individuals that recognised the unique opportunity to capitalise on a major natural resource that was being ignored and wasted.

The Australian outback is abundant with camels roaming wild. Their populations are plentiful; 150 years ago camels were introduced to this land and due to their isolation are considered to be the healthiest wild herd in the world. These days their large numbers gave the government cause to implement culling programs, however their enormous potential and ability to produce superior milk to that of the common dairy cow was being overlooked. 

Stephen and Gilad’s appreciation for these beautiful giants, combined with their tenacity and experience with camels took the idea and turned it into a proof of concept. Armed with this idea and promising results from rigorous concept trials, Stephen and Gilad were introduced to two individuals who had significant experience within the West Australian government and agricultural industries: Henry Steingiesser and Kim Chance.


Henry immediately brought his oldest son, Marcel Steingiesser, into the team. It was Henry, Kim and Marcel’s vision, ingenuity and strategy that turned an idea into a commercial venture supported with the ‘on the ground’ experience and capability of Stephen and Gilad.

“It’s never been done before. This is the first commercial operation in Western Australia. There are one or two backyard operations, but they’re usually milking three or four camels”. Kim Chance 

The capital required to establish the business was sourced through support from Marcel Steingiesser; who along with the major investors: Gabi Ghasseb, Ariel Milgram and Noel Ashcroft, make up the rest of the team.

Good Earth Dairy was thus established on 793 hectares of land in Dandaragan a 180 km drive north of Perth, the first of many farms to come.


Good Earth Dairy’s mission is to create a sustainable, ethical agricultural industry focused on large scale production of pure Australian camel milk within a thriving market. 

A new Australian industry means a whole new workforce and Good Earth Dairy plans to keep their products made in Australia, by Australians and for Aussies and the rest of the world to enjoy. 

Camel milk is better milk, plain and simple, pasteurized, bottled and delivered by us to your local with the utmost care. We aim for camel milk to be a staple in Australian households.

The team at Good Earth Dairy are endeavouring to provide extensive research into the positive health benefits camel milk possesses.

Right now there is promising research going into the effect of camel milk on children with Autism and type-1 Diabetes. Good Earth Dairy has the perfect platform to help cement these facts and we will begin working with universities and various institutions to improve the world’s knowledge about the benefits of camel milk. 


“What drives research into animal production is where there is a viable industry. So if it looks like camel dairying is going to become one of the emerging industries in our state, then the research dollars will flow. And I think it will be a cycle that feeds on itself.” Senior Lecturer on Production Animal Medicine at Murdoch University Dr Michael Laurence

The folks at Good Earth Dairy believe in what they do and they believe in their product and are excited to share this with the rest of the world.