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A healthy day begins with our Superfood Smoothie Bowl

Camel milk really is a superfood from the outback; it’s high in protein and has 3x the calcium of normal milk – with half the saturated fat! Its silky texture and creamy taste make camel milk the perfect addition to any breakfast. Jam packed with goodness, our simple smoothie bowl recipe is the healthy way to supercharge your day.

Ultimate camel milk + acai bowl

Combine in a blender, for the smoothie base:

1 sachet of frozen acai berries or 2 heaped tsps of freeze dried (powdered) acai
½ – 1 frozen banana
Handful of frozen berries (blueberries and raspberries work well)
½ cup Good Earth Dairy camel milk

Where can I buy camel milk?    |   What are the benefits of camel milk?

Optional add-ins

Handful of frozen spinach (if you’d like to sneak some greens in)
¼ – ½ an avocado (for an extra creamy whipped texture)
1 tsp of preferred superfood powders such as baobab, lucuma, maqui, camu camu, coconut water powder, maca (go easy, as these can detract from the acai flavour)
Cinnamon powder
Vanilla bean powder
Spoonful of plain or vanilla protein powder
Coconut or MCT oil


Blend ingredients until combined into a thick frozen whip and use a spatula to pour into a bowl. Then go crazy with toppings.

Topping Suggestions

Fresh fruit such as raspberries, blueberries, banana slices and kiwi
Dried fruit such as goji berries and coconut flakes (or shredded)
Nut butter such as almond or ABC butter
LSA, ground linseed
Cacao nibs
Bee pollen
Sunflower seeds, pepitas, chia seeds, linseeds
Toasted buckwheat groats, buckinis or granola
Crushed or halved nuts such as macadamias, walnuts, almonds, cashews, and brazil nuts

Check out our benefits page for more information about the health benefits of camel milk and visit your local stockist today!


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