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How natural is camel’s milk?
As natural as the great Australian plains.
Is camel milk safe for the whole family?
Camel milk, like all liquid dairy milk, should be drunk from sweet, innocent 12 month old George, right through to great-great-great grandmother Elisabeth.
Can camel milk be used for cooking?
Well, yes, it is highly recommended in cooking and baking (as the milk is rich, creamy and extremely nutritious – perfect for ice creams!).
Does camel milk go off? Should I store it somewhere cool?
Camel milk must be stored in the fridge like all perishable goods. Please check the expiry date marked on the bottle. Milk should be discarded by this expiry date, and seven days after opening.
Where can I find Good Earth Dairy products?
Check our Stockists page.
I’m Muslim. Is camel milk halal approved?
Yes, we are Halal certified. In fact, camel meat and milk has been widely embraced (and received a strong, firm handshake) by the Australian Islamic community.
I’m Jewish. Can I drink camel’s milk?
Camel’s milk is not considered kosher, but can be consumed if approved by a Rabbi (mainly for health reasons). Please consult your Rabbi for further information (and tell him we said ‘hi’).
I’m vegan. Can I drink camel’s milk?
Unfortunately, no. Although we treat our camels with great care and respect, their milk is an animal product and therefore unsuitable for vegans.